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Kitchen Kings

Nick Smurthwaite visits one of Age UK's Kitchen Kings projects to find out how Age UK is helping older men to learn how to cook.

As we get older, diet becomes more important, not only from a health point of view, but also because we have more time to enjoy the preparation, presentation and consumption of food.

沙巴体育appBut not everyone is Jamie Oliver or Delia Smith. Some of us need a bit of help with our culinary skills, especially if you’re a man who's been lucky enough to have had meals put in front of you for most of your adult life.

Kitchen Kings

Kitchen Kings is an Age UK project sponsored by the City Bridge Trust in London, aimed at helping older men to prepare and cook wholesome food.

沙巴体育appKitchen Kings is proving extremely popular with its participants, serving the dual purpose of a skills-based class and a lunch club: they get to eat the food they've prepared during the morning!

When I visited the class recently the men were making Spanish omelettes, followed by bread and butter pudding. Volunteer instructor Jo Davis, a retired nurse, talked them through the various processes, such as slicing onions and layering the bread for the pudding, while the 6 men went about their tasks with determination and focus.

The atmosphere was relaxed and jokey. 'What’s the best thing you’ve made?' I asked one of them, expecting him to say cottage pie or soda bread. 'Friends,' he replied without missing a beat.

Kitchen Kings

沙巴体育appMen-only cookery courses are causing a stir at Age UK Hillingdon. 

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Last updated: Jan 09 2020

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