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Call in Time

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Thousands of older people have made lasting friendships through Call in Time, our free telephone befriending service.

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What is Call in Time?

Call in Time is a free telephone friendship service for people 60 and over. We'll match you up with a likeminded person who's keen to make a new friend, and every week they'll give you a call.

Not having someone to talk to regularly can be lonely, particularly if you're used to sharing your home and time with others. A friendly, 30-minute chat on the phone every week can make all the difference.

How does Call in Time work?

  1. You sign up and register your interest (or refer someone else).
  2. We check you (or the person you're referring) match all the criteria. What's the criteria?
  3. We find a likeminded person who has similar interests and hobbies to you or the person you're referring. Sometimes that can take a few weeks, so while we're waiting to find the right person, we'll call you for a 5-minute catch-up as often as we can.
  4. We connect the two of you to begin your weekly calls.

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Who can sign up for Call in Time?

To sign up for Call in Time, you must be:

  • over 60
  • have your own landline or mobile phone
  • able to hear and be understood over the phone
  • able to commit to a regular weekly call at the same time.

Call in Time may not be suitable for people with memory loss, dementia or mental health issues who require higher level support. These conditions may affect the person's ability to build a telephone friendship with a volunteer. In some instances, people with these conditions may actually find the calls more distressing.

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